Q&A No01 - Johanna Ljunggren, Detoxlife

10 Questions asked and Answered with some of the most inspiring sockers we know... 
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Johanna is a lady of many traits but people usually associate her with yoga teaching or food creating, famous for her Psychedelic glas that she shares the recipe for and much more below in this first interview of our weekly Q&A series. 
What's your best stay sharp & sane advice? To think one thought to the end at least once a week, sleep and nature. Nature is always honest; if it's cold you will freeze and hot you will sweat, there is no fakeness which can be harsh sometimes, but it's authentic.
What does a day in your life look like? I wake up at 5 am and make some coffee for my husband and me, we read, talk and snuggle. If I have a project with someone in a different timezone, I check emails to catch them before they go to bed.
Then I practice whatever spiritual or a physical ritual I choose that day. I like green juice, egg, and maybe oatmeal (winter) or smoothie bowl (summer). I step into my home office, and then it's an endless screen, screen and zoom bonanza. I take breaks every other hour for sanity. We live part-time in Söderhamn and Stockholm. My husband has a beautiful office space in Söderhamn, sometimes he stays there, but most days we have lunch together. My goal is to have one walk a day, also for sanity. I usually work until 6 pm, if I don't have an overseas call or educational course at the moment. Dinner, homemade pasta, roast chicken or something else grounding, yes I love to cook.
Your past year in review: I know many people have a hard time adjusting to the confinement we´re experiencing due to the pandemic. But, this is it right now, no need to fight it and make it worse. I've had worse years personally, and once I get a perspective over that time, I've learnt so much. The world wasn't heading in the best direction before Covid; sadly, it takes something as disrupting as this to make us notice it. 
"All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone," the philosopher Blaise Pascal wrote, in 1654. 
How do you simplify life? For me, a simple life is making my own food, reading and consuming less. The best and most precious entertainment we have is to spend time with the ones we love.
You are famous for your "psychedelic glass", can you share a link to a recipe? No, but I can share one here!
Psychedelic glas: You need 1 dl of oats soaked in oat milk overnight, cold-brewed green tea or herbal tea (make a litre so you have extra)
Red: 2 dl red berries2 dates, 1 tsp vanilla1/2 avocado or frozen peas, lemon zest, 5 dl ice tea 
Green: 1/2 avocado or frozen peas2 datesA bunch of basil3 dl of chopped kale or spinachlemon zest5 dl ice tea. 
Granola: 2 dl Sunflower seeds2 dl Pumpkin seeds 1 dl HoneyCardamo, Raisins
Mix all the liquid components till creamy. Layer the three parts of the glass as you please for extra psychedelic effect dust cinnamon in the bottom of the glass top of with edible flowers and fruit. 

What's your favourite hotspot atm? 
Home. However, I feel for the restauranteurs, struggling with the ever-changing laws concerning opening hours.
Name a book you suggest us to read and/or a song on repeat! I read many books simultaneously, this past year I've been coming back to The Plague by Albert Camus, Da Vinci's Kitchen by Dave DeWitt and Sea Change poems by Jorie Graham. Here is a little playlist that's on repeat.
What wears out first in your closet? Underwear, socks and stockings.
Do you try to lessen your carbon footprint and if so, how? Yes, and I've just finished creating an educational program for HON (Her Online Network) with my "carbon partner" Alexander Franzen founder of Carbon CaloriesIt took me years to study this subject and six months with Alexander to put it together. I'm very excited and quite proud of myself. We want to give the members tools to communicate at work, with brands, companies and themselves. Stay tuned.
Do you have anything else to add?
No, I think that's it.
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